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Croydon Ranges Hockey Club History

A Proud Club

Croydon Hockey Club (CHC) was established in 1954 with a C East men's Team after meetings in private homes in 1952 and 53.

The closest Club to Croydon at the time was Camberwell a good forty minutes away by car and closer to sixty by train. Finding sufficient interest an approach was made to the Lilydale Shire Council, who were the municipality responsible for the town of Croydon at that time.

CHC was formed and registered with the Victorian Hockey Association (VHA) in 1954. Lilydale Council allocated a piece of land between Springfield Ave and the main Croydon oval . This paddock, as it was then, ran along side the Tarralla creek which ran through Croydon. It was very deep more than 3 meters , more like an open drain that flooded after rains but generally carried ground water and waste waters. Some of the biggest rats I have see lived in this creek.

The new ground was measured and marked. Before each match the players bought their lawn mowers and mowed the back lines and circles. The collapsible nets , goal posts, flags and marking equipment were stored in John and Mary Davies' garage in Springfield Avenue, which was then an unmade dirt road. The equipment was carried over the paddock across the bridge over Tarralla Creek into Croydon park before each match them back after the game.

On wet days the field was a quagmire with the Croydon players showering at the Davies after the match . There were no facilities at the ground. CHC players were not able to use the football facilities as they were for the footballers use only. The Davies has only one shower in a small bath room as well as it being closer to the ground . The hot water regularly ran out in the Davies on Winter Saturdays. The home matches were followed by Mary's afternoon tea and hot drink which was greatly appreciated.

From this difficult beginning in 1954 so the Club grew to one of more than 20 teams including men's , women's and many underage in its peak in the late1970s through the 80s. By then Croydon had become a municiplity in 1971 , with the Club being allocated first land behind Fibermakers in Bayswater then an area next to the Lilydale railway line. These new grounds were at the Silcock reserve. This reserve was named after a former Croydon Councillor and head master of the Croydon High School. In time four grounds were developed with change rooms, storage area and hot showers at Silcock.

This move to Silcock took place in 1978. CHC moved from this reserve in 1994 when artificial turf grounds were introduced. Croydon was unable to gain the Croydon Councils support to putting in a artificial surface so was forced to merge with Knox in 1998. This lost Croydon its local identity and started a gradual decline .The CHC played first as a tenant at Doncaster then moved to the a new ground built in Knox in 1997 as a joint facility between the Croydon and Knox Clubs.

An agreement was reached to merge between the two clubs Croydon and Knox in 1997 and a new club called Eastern Hockey Club was formed in 1998.

Croydon has had over the years much success in winning premierships and being known as a wonderful family based club.

In 2012 discussions started with some past players and supported by the VHA the Club was reformed in 2015 being successful with a premiership in its first year.

Club Comitee

Our Team

Email: [email protected]

President: Shaun Goodwin
- email: [email protected]
-Phone number: 0422 190 501

Vice President: James Liggins
- email: [email protected]
-Phone number: 0402 872 394

Secretary: Steph Deveson
- email: [email protected]

Treasurer:  Mark Davies
- email: [email protected]
-Phone number: 0481 000 352

Women's Coordinator: Adele Greenwood
- email: [email protected]
- Phone number: 0403 546 078

Men's Coordinator: Ellery Hume
- email: [email protected]
- Phone number: 0417 142 147

Juniors Coordinator: Karina Cove
- email: [email protected]
- Phone number: 0439 200 696